Tanisha was born in Jamaica and relocated to New York in 1988 as a high-school student.  After being awarded a full scholarship to Johnson & Wales, in Charleston, SC she spent time in several of Charleston’s top rated kitchens, and she still graduated with an AS in Culinary and a BS in business management.

Chef Tucker to travel throughout the US following her passion for Culinary Arts. Her early career took her to Washington DC, where she prepared the inaugural dinner for President George W. Bush. New York City, Miami, Rhode Island, California and Atlanta, GA are just a few cities Chef Mott has left her culinary mark. Chef Tucker has worked for great companies like Marriott, Disney, Georgia Freight Depot, Cox Communications, BMW and many other private events for Atlanta’s top CEOs.

While executive chef for Compass Group, she has cooked for such celebrities as Michelle Obama, Jill Scott, Shirley Franklin and Sonny Perdue. Chef Tucker is currently running her own Catering and Events company as well as teaching culinary arts training classes. She is also now currently partnering with the Children’s Museum of Atlanta for culinary arts classes and inner city private school.